Diploma In Dental Medicine & Surgery

Our dental laboratory is full fill of all types of equipments, instruments and materials. A here the students are able to learn various types of dental procedure with the help of a Dentist.
What Dental Technologist Do?
A Dental Technologists are impressions or molds of a patient’s teeth to create a crown, Bridge dentures and other dental appliances. They work closely with dentist but have limited contact with patients.

Duties: Dental laboratory technologists typically do the following –
→ Follow detailed work orders and prescription from a dentist to create dental appliances.
→ Mix plaster and other paste to fill molds from impression taken by a dentist.
 → Cover molds and frame works with mixtures and allow them to set.
→ Place the dental appliance and an apparatus. That mimics the patients bite and jaw movement.
→ Examine the appliance, nothing the size and shape of adjacent teeth and gaps in the gum line.
→ Sculpt or curve parts of an appliance such as individual teeth.
→ Adjust prosthetics to allow for a more natural look on to improve function.
→ Repair dental appliance that may be checked or damaged such as denture and crowns.
How to become a dental laboratory technologist in this section?
Dental technologist work carefully to create realistic dental prosthetics.
There are no higher education requirements to become a dental technologist or dental laboratory technologist have at least secondary school certificate.
Training -There need educational training and about course or learn through on the job training. They usually begin as helps in a laboratory and learn more advanced skills as they gain experience.

Education- There need (S.S.C) at least is the standard requirements for getting a job as a technologist. And they have needed the knowledge of dental anatomy. Dental ceramics and computer skill about the arts.
Important qualities - Dental technologist must pay attention to details. To create realistic prosthesis for each patient mouth, they must notice slight difference in a colour and shape.