Advance Welfare Foundation (AWF)

(A Foundation for Social Welfare and Education)

Advance Welfare Foundation is the name of philanthropy .It was established in 1998 with the eagerness of a philanthropist named Professor Gazi Md. Abdus Salam. He is the founder of this foundation. He thought and started it with the benediction of his heavenly grand-parents. Including him, they are six brothers and sisters. AWF is the successful fruit of their steady struggle. Its motto is "the coordination between man and education to build technology based welfare society".

Individually professor Salam sees a imaginative world, where human being will be engaged with technical education. Became he believes that without education man cannot go to the civilization. Only civilization can separate man from animal. From the gradual development of the civilization education plays a vital role. First we know the transaction of speech, then invention of writing then the printing press at all. All the things are invented to inform and learn people about themselves and others. But learning is not only process, education makes your learning realistic. Now a days, in the town or city life is in advance with the race of modernization. But in the villages or sub-urbans are not equal to the town .They are not well advanced.

In this condition, Professor Salam thinks that a nation cannot move forward leaving behind a huge population uneducated. In Bangladesh it is very much critical. He contemplates that he will take a step to come forward to enhance the traditional educational system with the term of technology to the people especially the backwards. He thinks it would be a global glow of technical learning. For this great and meaningful view of Professor Salam, he established this Foundation. It's a Foundation of welfare which is engaged with many prominent educationists, dedicated personalities and their different philanthropic sentiments onward.

By this Foundation, we are able to develop the human resources in country and abroad, to ensure the medical facilities to work over the orphans, poor and deprived men and to build a developed society. AWF is created under the registration certificate of incorporation c-532(45)/02 of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. After the establishment, it moves towards with successfulness in cause of its some person's financial support, sacrifice, integrity and virtue. I can not but say some important names here that prominent National Professor Dr.M R Khan, Professor Dr. M Kaykobad, Prof. Dr. Golam Rahman, Prof. Aminul Islam, Prof. Dr. Samsher Ali etc. At present, the foundation is operating 28 multi dimensional institutions and organizations. Such as:

Central University of Science & Technology (CUST) proposed, Dhaka
Institute of Science, Trade & Technology (ISTT), Dhaka
Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI), Dhaka
Advanced Medical Institute (AMI), Dhaka
Advanced Medical Assistant Training School, Dhaka
Bangladesh Institute of Technology (BIT), Dhaka
Bangladesh Institute of Linguistic Technology (BILTech), Dhaka
Dhaka Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology (DIAST), Dhaka
CUST-Institute of Entrepreneurship Development & Research (CUST-IEDR), Dhaka
Center for Education Development & Reaserch (CEDR), Dhaka
Shahana Kochi Institute of Medical Technology, Nettrokona
Khanjahan Ali College of Science & Technology (KCST), Khulna
Khanjahan Ali Krishi College, Khulna
Khulna Medical Institute (KMI), Khulna
International Centre for Technical,Vocational Training & Research (ICTVTR), Khulna
New Sundarban Institute of Engineering & Technology (SIET), Koyra, Khulna
New Sundarban Institute of Agricultural Science & Technology (SIAST), Koyra, Khulna
Broadcasting Authority for Sundarban Integrated Areas of Bangladesh
Khanjahan Ali Polytechnic Institute, Bagerhat
Khanjahan Ali Medical Institute, Bagerhat
Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Medical Institute, Satkhira
Khan Bahadur Ahsanullah Polytechnic Institute, Satkhira
Kustia Medical Institute, Kustia
ALO Medical Assistat Training School (ALO-MATS), Kushtia

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